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Charitable Campaigns

NEW-Campaign 8: Clothing Sweat Factories and Working Conditions

The new focus of our work is advancing human rights for children held as cheap labour to clothing sweat factories in Lithuania. Children from trafficking 'Call-outs' in Slovenia began to become collected from their country in May 2016 and were sold to Luthuania. We want to begin discussions with the Lithuanian authorities and through of existing legislation we will improve to their working conditions short-term. 

Camapign 1: UK Nationwide Trafficking Lobby
This campaign focuses upon the reporting of the governments nationwide trafficking operation to large numbers of celebrity, charity and sportsmen to create a Lobby to stop the trafficking operation in the UK at the earliest possible point saving children’s lives and ensuring that the trafficking is acknowledged and investigated through of the Police, and government through of inquiry. Hundred of Thousands of British children continue to became collected through of collection centres from the first 'Call-out' in July 2015, there is renewed sound to locations in the UK. The Lobby formed to a foundation for the charity and has set precedence for the charity to continue its work in other countries. The trafficking operational model that began in Banbury, UK has passed to a further 22no. countries and the schemes are now beginning to world slavery through of acceptance.  

Campaign 2: Protecting Children with Law through of a New University Bursary Scheme
A new university bursary scheme awarding lawyers and academics to the field of human rights allowing The Banbury Children Foundation to direct at research improving legislation. We are to address at a range of current social issues and larger human rights violations through of directed research, areas of research may also become suggested by third-parties.

Campaign 4: Stop Slavery with Music
We are requesting support from the British music industry to aid Against Global Slavery. Support Letters passed to 840 no. influential bands and artists that hold at contact with large numbers of the public through of a large festival in June 2017, we are actively contacting to artists, managers and record labels. We are awarding work that excels to the field of human rights at small  organised events, ensuring the interest of high level government officials, business and artists.

Campaign 5: Telephone Manufacturers
Telephones are becoming associated with child trafficking and are becoming considered as unsecure, easily hacked and with faults at manufacturing that allow at an invasion of privacy. 

Campaign 6: Telephone Service Providers in the UK
Telephone networks in the UK require legislating against with the main service providers. Work is necessary to prevent future trafficking operations. The KESEBO software platform requires that a person hack at the main frame computer to a telephone service operator to remove to the telephone numbers to activate KESEBO enabling at speech and sound to become passed through of a large number of telephone handsets simultaneously. The owners to the telephone handsets do not receive to an incoming call whilst becoming hacked. The sound generated through of the numerous telephone handsets creates to a noticeable volume for people held to the wider area at listen. Communication 'Call-outs' are generated through of the KESEBO software platform to handsets containing to large numbers of aSOV listeners. Current UK Public General Acts, UK Statutory Instruments, Wales Statutory Instruments, Scottish Statutory Instruments, Northern Ireland Statutory Rules that require reform, with further legislation that requires at introduction will become researched through of third-parties and implemented with Parliament through of a political consultant.