The Banbury Children Foundation

Charitable Campaigns

Mission 1: Global Child Trafficking
Global slavery ‘Call-outs’ through of the telecommunication networks of 21 European countries, America, Canada and Australia became listened at by the majority of their populations with telephone software allowing at the collation of White Western children’s names that then became trafficked abroad through of their own government’s trafficking operations  through slavery contracts to the Middle East and Far East. Parliamentary Protocols removed at Policing powers to collect the children. Existing laws to our societies became ignored. The Maternity Coupling Act 2017 a law that planned for children collected to the age of 18 became prevented by the charity at and this was to set precedence for slavery laws internationally. The charity made response from the United Nations and worked to reduce at the length of their investigation saving 6 Million lives. Contact with the governments of 15 European countries set to cessation dates for the schemes following contact with opposition political parties to the European Parliament. The charity protected children and adults from slavery, imprisoned unpaid sex and work. 88.2 Million children became collected from their homes with a survival rate of only 18%. The work is noted by The Nobel Peace Prize Committee following report to them.

Mission 2: Global Child Trafficking (To begin 2022 following the Hague Tribunal)
It will become acceptable to help the populations of countries before of the Hague tribunal to allow them to adjust to the understanding of events before they are made public. Meetings between of religious leaders, leaders for peace and United Nations Officials will strengthen our resolve. Work will become documented to magazines and journals.

Mission 3: Children in India and their Working Conditions
There are children to the streets of India that are held to appalling conditions and their working life is tormenting for all that live beside of them. We aim to improve to their lifestyle and leisure time through of staged events that will promote to goodwill and teach good health. The small staged events will culminate into a rally through the streets of India and into a market that is visited regularly by those that planned to it with free goods available between of the stools that sell for profit. A vibrant market place for the poor that we will all enjoy.

Mission 4: Children in Africa, Roads, Schools and Houses
Through of Africa there are children to the streets that are collecting to refuse to make way for cars to pass and the refuse requires removal. We plan to clean the streets of Africa creating to work for many and improving to working conditions.