We advance human rights for children through of improved legislation, we promote to research and our work is through of third-party specialists, academics and lawyers. We are undertaking a number of campaigns focusing upon the resolve of a number of current social issues and larger human rights violations. We are building a new network of people that will speak outwardly against of trafficking, slavery, and working conditions improving to morals and ethics. The Banbury Children Foundation is held contact with government officials from all Member states of the European Parliament and we work with the United Nations.

Purposes and Objects
The country and region that we are to achieve this is: All European Countries, The Commonwealth and America.

Purposes; our purposes are only charitable, our work is always for the good of the public and beneficial to the community. Through of improved legislation and our work building to communities we are advancing human rights for children through of each of our missions and the children that live to those communities and countries benefit from this.

These are bodies of rights that the charity seeks to promote:
• European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
• Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
These are widely accepted.

• Monitoring abuses of human rights
The charity concerned with promoting human rights may engage in monitoring and reporting breaches of a country’s human rights obligations, through of domestic legislation and international standards. We are exchanging information with the United Nations and a number of large charities as part of a number of our charitable campaigns to advance human right for children, the exchange of information relates to child trafficking and breaches of these declarations to include; European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
• Research into human rights issues
Human rights are an appropriate subject for research.  We are promoting and commissioning research into human rights, adding to the store of human knowledge.
• Educating the public about human rights
Human right is an established subject of study in schools and colleges. As a human rights charity we will education in human rights through support for such studies or through less formal types of education.  

Mr. Tobias Yeats, Head of Policy
He managed at a £2.0bn portfolio of products as a global real estate developer, an island to the Middle East with large buildings upon it. He authored 'Play' a banned British book changing language