Charitable Work: UK Key Dates     
7th May 2017 Extensive Information Passed to the United Nations relating to the numbers of children becoming collected through of trafficking operations
Information received through of various sources relating to various countries trafficking through of government schemes. We are ensuring at investigation through of the United Nations.

12th December 2017 The Conservatives request Parliament to allow at a new permanent Act for trafficking
Became halted through of a letter passed from the charity to Mr Jeremy Corbyn Leader of The Labour Party and Members of Parliament from Four other political parties, stating that the Lobby was held with his consideration and that new laws by The Conservative Government allowing permanent slavery should not be allowed.

10th November 2017 The Leader of The Labour Party suggests at a meeting to discuss the Lobby Documentation

17th October 2017 Letter received from HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales
HRH Prince Charles The Prince of Wales and his wife HRH Princess Camilla The Duchess of Cornwall acknowledges the trafficking operations through of the UK, Europe and America through of a letter. They acknowledge to the points held to a letter passed to them on the 6th October 2017 by the charity regarding the trafficking.

4th September 2017 The Leader of The Labour Party Mr Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges receipt of the Lobby Documentation
The Labour Party Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges receipt of the Lobby documentation through of email, the collated information contains to lists of telephone calls, meetings, letters and a list of influential people requesting that he take mention in parliament to stop the current collection of children for trafficking abroad from the UK as part of the trafficking operation.

30th August 2017 United Kingdom collection of children through of NHS maternity wards commences
There are plans to collect in excess of Three Million children through of the next Five years.

28th June 2017 Contact with the United Nations in Brussels, Belgium

24th June 2017 Letters passed to influential bands and artists from the charity with Mr Jeremy Corbyn present
Letter passed to 840no. world renowned bands and artists through of the Glastonbury festival in Somerset that is managed by Mr Micheal Eavis CBE, The Labour Party Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn is present.

19th October 2016 Letters became passed to Ms Victoria Prentis MP Conservatives requesting investigation with the Police
Letters became passed to Superintendent Kath Lowe of Thames Valley Police through of Ms Victoria Prentis MP of Banbury constituency requesting Police investigation. The Metropolitan Police Force are collating at evidence for scheduled Inquiry.

29th July 2016 Initial child collected from mainland Europe outside of law
Children continue to become collected through of Europe since 29th July 2016.

14th February 2016 Initial child collected from America
Children continue to become collected through of America since 14th February 2016.

24th October 2015 Letters became passed by the charity to legal teams
Legal teams based in and around the Old Bailey received to letters from the charity requesting at clarification of law following witness to the children.

29th July 2015 Initial child collected from the United Kingdom
The KESEBO sound began ‘Call-outs’ on the 29th July 2015 requesting that parents visit to Banbury, Oxfordshire with their child for them to become registered. The first child became collected on 29th July 2015 through of the Conservatives trafficking operation. Hundreds of Thousands of British children in Banbury, Oxfordshire visited each month from July 2015 to January 2016 visiting with their parents for registration to the scheme.